Akita's Bred in Australia

Welcome to Primal Spirit Kennel. Our Family & our Japanese Akitas live on our small acreage on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, Australia.

We were captivated by the Primal Spirit of the Japanese Akita, like many before us, after watching the movie Hachiko. Sadly, no Japanese Akitas were being bred in Australia at the time, but an already lifelong fascination with wolves, & the new found love for the Nihon Ken native breeds of Japan, led us to becoming the proud owners of a Shiba Inu we named Hachi (of course). Sadly our Little Mate’ Hachi, crossed rainbow bridge on December 8, 2012. (Hachi is the numeral 8 in Japanese – where the heavens meet the earth). We believe our Little Mate sent the angels, or even his little soul came back 8 days later...as then our extraordinary day arrived, December 2012 our 1st JAI (Japanese Akita Inu), was born on our very own shores. Call me superstitious, but the figure 8 has forever since appeared in our lives as a reminder of our Little Mate Hachi...
February 2013 our family welcomed D'Artagnan - “FireandMist Valour of the Sun”. The 4th Musketeer to join the other 3 (children), to be our Regal Loyal Guardian. He is Australia's very 1st born ANKC Registered Akita(Japanese) puppy, registered since the breed gained its own recognition from the American Akita late in 2012. Unknowing at the time, our devotion to our little family member, a lifelong love affair with man’s best friend, & a passion for this amazing breed, led us on a journey, to become Registered breeders with Dogs QLD & ANKC (Australia), Exhibitors & and Importers of the Treasured Japanese Akita Inu. 

"To uphold the Integrity of the 'Primal Spirit', the Strength & Soul of their true Essence"


We aim to bring the Soulful Love & Joy of the Treasured Japanese Akita Inu into more Aussie homes, being part of establishing this relatively new breed in Oz. Our intention is to strengthen, improve, and uphold our Kennel lines by importing excellent new bloodlines to our shores. This helps to improve the genetic diversity of Australian foundations, and to breed quality, authentic, healthy Japanese Akita’s. Our passion is to breed AND raise healthy, happy, loving family members, with strength of constitution, soundness, authenticity, whilst conforming to the Breed Standard.


The following Japanese Kanji have special meaning to us, and a reflection of what we advocate in our Family & Kennel.
Kizuna was the Japanese Kanji of the Year in 2011, it represents the Unity & Bond that ties us – Family, Friendships. The unity & strength of the Japanese people as a nation after the tragedy of the Earthquake & Tsunami in 2011 is the perfect reflection of this symbol.

Virtues are the quintessence at the heart of everyday life, essential for wellbeing & happiness - morals, ethics, good intention, commitment, compassion, courage, developing potential, kindness, respect to name a few. Authenticity – Be True to Yourself - Let your heart sing.


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