A Primal Breed Full of Soulful Love

We fell in love with how the Japanese Akita can radiate soulfulness. Their strength of character, and peaceful dignified presence, alongside the extreme loving devotion, drew us into their realm. The fact they also have astounding beauty, intelligence, purposeful features, and the softest cuddliest fur coats...well...there was no turning back, our family was about to embark on a furfilling journey!

“Fierce as a Samurai, Gentle as a kitten” 

“Gentle when stroked, Fierce when provoked”

Tender in heart and Strong in strength"

The Akita (Japanese) Proverbs


The Breed of Contradictions, Complex but Simple - but Full Time love assured. 

First and foremost, what we fell in love with was how the Japanese Akita simply, can radiate soulfulness. They are in tune with their Primal ancestors, being very close to the wolf in DNA. Their strength of character, and peaceful dignified presence, alongside the extreme loving devotion, drew us into their realm. The fact they also have astounding beauty, intelligence, and the softest cuddliest fur coats...well...there was no turning back, our family was about to embark on a furfilling journey!

So this all sounds too good to be true? They can be a dog of contradictions, but once this is understood...and time taken to understand the Akita, lifelong bonds are formed.  Ownership of an Akita(Japanese) is to be taken seriously. They are not for everyone, but...they certainly are for people and families that are prepared to make the commitment - you are, after all, welcoming a family member into your pack. Like anything in life if you make the effort - you reap the reward...and in this case the reward is the devotion, the soulful presence, the companionship, of what we believe is one of the most exceptional breed of dogs in the world. Put Simply - understand not only how to look after an Akita, but understand the inner workings of an Akita.


A dog with an ancient, astounding history. We have included a couple of links here, and more on our Links page, as there is an abundance of fascinating information. Full credit to the authors who have shared their knowledge & research.

Briefly, JAIs have survived near extinction, they are hunters of small & large prey - that would admirably hold the prey at bay until their masters arrived for the kill – Noble Companions – Guardians, even "Baby sitters’’ – they were used as fighting dogs, and sadly they were killed for the use of their pelts in the desperate times of war. They werent always called Japanese Akita Inus, the name of the Akita has changed over time, dependant on either their use or region/prefecture of origin.


As the Proverbs above have suggested, they have some traits to understand. They are very placid, seemingly lazy at times - just happy to be near you, all part of their easy going nature. They are not aggressive without a reason, but they certainly like to dominate. Stubborn is often a word used, with a negative impression, a more accurate term is determined and strong willed. They can act like a silly crazy puppy – even as an adult, doing the Akita dance with a twinkle in their eyes, with their loved ones at home, but out and about, oh no, it’s all Mr Nobility & Miss Majestic, head & tails held up high, ears pricked forward, fascinating and elegant to look at, typical traits of the Japanese Akita - they like to let the world know how darn fine they are! And believe me, heads do turn.

They are unique dogs, very intelligent – they are body language readers extraordinaire, and can read intentions. They will comfort in times of need, they are excellent stress level reducers, all part of that special bond. Whilst not big barkers, they communicate with an array of sounds, that you and your family will learn to understand. Every action or sound is for a purpose. They will take it upon themselves to judge a situation with unfamiliar people & situations, they will take on a subtle position, being rather the strategist, with one eye open...the quiet observer. They will be watching your body language too, their biggest queue, after all you are their pack leader...They can move from 0 to 100 if required...so if you are scared or anxious, they WILL know it. JAI’s (Japanese Akita Inu), are wonderful guardians, they project a confidence that imprints on their environment. Hopefully we never find ourselves in a potentially serious situation with our Akita’s defending us, but it is essential to know their capabilities and also understand their early signals, remember they were used to hunt large game, even bears, so they 'have no fear’, just 110% dedication to their pack and own innate drive.

Newcomers to your home will be judged, it’s their territory after all that these strangers are entering. Some will get the happy Hi-5 straight up, while others take a bit of sussing out first. It is wise to air on the side of caution with new comers to your home, observe & know your dog’s signals (& remember they are also watching yours). They like their personal space as much as us, their family may be welcome into it, but not strangers… often indifferent with strangers at first, but once accepted as part of ‘their pack’, they may then enter the “inner circle of trust”. Children – young or teens, need to be reminded of personal space boundaries for their own safety, and trained themselves how to behave around all dogs, even their own too. Do you like waking up with some strangers face just an inch from yours? I’d be baring my teeth too. It is great to see many schools taking part in programs where an expert talks and teaches this to the children in a fun way that they will remember, often with a special four legged friend tagging along. 


Obedience training, setting boundaries & socialization, from an early age, for this breed is not an option. It is a necessity! They need to know who the *pack leader is - & it MUST be you! *please see note below.

It is a priority to learn these methods, set firm boundaries, be consistent, & to become the respected leader… and then… Maintain your title! These persistent doggies like to keep checking in if you’re still up to the job, especially whilst they are teenagers. (Sound familiar parents??) Your breeder, and a reputable local trainer that understands dominant spitz breed dogs and balanced methods in training, are here to help – our loving Akita’s thrive attending classes, often topping their training classes. This is also a fun time to bond and socialize your new family member in the big wide world. The reward in return, is a love and companion like no other. A well trained JAI is a pure joy to have in your life.

*NOTE – In respect to the Numerous Methods of Training and Individual Perceptions – All references of being the Alpha/Pack Leader/Resource Controller/Top Dog/#1 etc etc for the purpose of this article is all one and the same…But is it? This is another Topic we also touch on under our Training, Health and Care Link.  Coming Soon!


JAIare Primal, Courageous, Determined - they instinctually have a high prey drive, and would very much love to run off hunting – so care needs to be taken on outings to avoid potential dangerous situations with animals, either domestic or wild. Off lead isnt recommended until you are extremely confident, even then an enclosed area/paddock – as that determination will tend to show at the most inconvenient of times. Oh I thought you said Run Free not Halt...you Killjoy” they tell you telepathically! Yeah Right, we know what you were really up to. Stubborn is one way to put it – but Dedication to their actions is probably how they are thinking. Your obedience training and lead control is invaluable- especially your body language, self-assurance and general Vibe.


An Akita Smile is contagious; you know it comes from a happy, omniscient place within.

The Japanese have summarized in 3 beautiful words the Traits of all the Nihon Ken (Japanese Native Breeds). 

Kan - i: bravery and spirited boldness combined with composure and mental strength.
Ryosei: good nature with a gentle disposition. One cannot exist without the other.
Soboku: artlessness with a refined and open spirit.

The Breed Standard is a Standard adhered to by breeders which describes the ideal characteristics, temperament, and appearance of a breed, and ensures that the breed is fit for function with soundness
essential (ie. temperament). The Canine Controlling Bodies of the world, (in Australia this is ANKC – Australian National Kennel Club), must adopt one of the Standards existing of ‘the Breed’, with preference to adopting the Breed Standard produced by the Country of Origin/Country of Development. Of course this Country is Japan for our JAI’s. Now we could divert down another path with the organisations in Japan, but for a brief intro -

AKIHO – The Akita Inu Hozonkai was founded in Odate, the Akita Prefecture in 1927 and is the longest standing Akita Inu organisation in history. The Japanese Kennel Club (JKC) standard that is the basis for FCI Akita standard, and what ANKC uses, and is required for exports, is based on AKIHO standards.  The AKIHO standard in comparison, delves a little deeper into what is truly desired and appreciated by breeders and enthusiasts around the world. While not considered eliminating faults, there is a criteria that will give dogs a more superior result in the ring at an AKIHO show.

We are Australia's 1st AKIHO Kennel with 2 AKIHO litters to date.

Due to the length of the documentation and to acknowledge the correct Standards as provided by the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC), we have provided a link to this information.



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